The Book

Books have been written about many phases of fire service. We have read great stories about difficult rescues and special tributes given to the heroes and first responders, who work so hard in fire service, constantly contributing over 110%. These heroes are both professionals and dedicated volunteer firefighters, who jeopardize and risk without consideration, their lives, every day of the year. These firefighters are on call 24 hours a day to save lives, extinguish fires and rescue their fellow comrades without giving it a second thought. There are situations when they are not aware of the extreme dangerous conditions, but they continue working until the last problem is solved. The stories of dramatic rescues, the lives lost, the lives saved, and the conflagrations that plagued the world all over, are all part of a normal day’s work for this special type of women and men. What makes these “special” people perform extraordinary acts of courage; is their “Dedication” to the one job that is in their heart.

There are also many books comprised to illustrate brands of Fire Equipment and Products from the fire industry. Firefighters, collectors, and fire buffs worldwide have written book after book on their personal experience with their favorite type of fire apparatus equipment. Many like to write about a specialty brand product with which they favor or have been associated with.

The Discovering of Fire Service ll, The Other Side, is comprised of multiple characteristics concerning fire, establishing the new world, development of fire prevention, establishing fire departments and equipment. The main focal point of this journal is the Safety of Fire Equipment and Training by Third Party Inspection programs of Aerial Apparatus, which I personally helped developed.